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If you are looking for professional wood floor installation in Jacksonville, FL, you should check out Davies Tile, Inc. As a top-rated flooring contractor, our company knows how to take care of you during your new home construction or older home renovation project. From wood floor installation to wood floor replacement, we take pleasure in offering you amazing service and floors.

Wood floors are a terrific option for your home because of their high-quality appearance and strength. They also have better acoustics and will never give you hollow sounds or vibrations in the home. There are no grout lines or embossing that can trap dust, particles, animal dander, and allergens that usually accumulate in carpets. They are the best floors for allergy sufferers and contribute to healthier indoor air quality that is lacking in most other floor types.

You will find your final wood flooring price to be affordable and cost less than most wood floor companies in the area. We work with you to come up with a price that fits your budget. Our prices are based on how much flooring we install and whether or not you want extra add-ons. In addition to making you spend money, wood floors can bring money in because it increases the value of your property and is a great long-term investment.

Let a wood floor specialist at Davies Tile, Inc. take care of your residential wood floor installation in Jacksonville, FL. We are excited to provide you with floors that will look excellent!